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Área de Sistemas de Apoyo a la Decisión en el Sector de la Energía (SADSE)

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Andrés Ramos Galán
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI-IIT
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 5, Energy and sustainability
Main SubFocus Area: Efficient energy markets, regulation and operation.
No. of PhDs: 13
Total members: 18

Brief description
The objective of the Support Systems for the Energy Industry Area is to provide effective help in decision-making and carry out technical-economic analyses of generation, transportation and distribution systems in the electric industry. A fundamental aspect of these analyses is representing energy markets and strategic decisions made in these markets. The group’s primary activities focus on preparing computer models as well as complementary consulting services.
The group is multidisciplinary in nature and continuously adapts to the industry’s new needs striving from its current worldwide renovation.
The group also carries out educational activities, participating intensely in the School of Engineering’s (ICAI) doctoral programme, the European level University/Company Association for Electric Energy Systems Training (AUEF-SEE) and the European programme, CREG-ALURE, focused on training and exchanges in the Latin American energy sector.