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Área de Sistemas Inteligentes (ASI)

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Álvaro Sánchez Miralles
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI-IIT
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 4, Health and biosciences
Main SubFocus Area: ITs and health sciences
No. of PhDs: 13
Total members: 25

Brief description
The Smart Systems Area (ASI) is a multidisciplinary research group in IIT focused on studying and applying advanced techniques to help decision-making in planning and implementing systems, equipment and industrial processes.
We design, develop and put into operation tailor-made systems, taking advantage of advanced techniques and available technologies to help make complex decisions, such as planning short and long-term planning decisions for electrical company operations (Morse and Deca projects), diagnosis and maintenance of industrial facilities and equipment (Denise-Maintenance), automatic identification of road vehicles and automatic guidance of autonomous vehicles (Visicopter). We also apply safety and reliability analysis techniques in different sectors such as the nuclear, railway and aeronautics industries. In general, research for the projects carried out provide solutions to real problems faced by the companies we collaborate with, contributing to the development of their activity and, in many cases, improve their profitability over the short term.
We have our own tools to construct OLAP information systems, knowledge-based systems and analyses, forecasts and datamining. These allow us to provide effective responses to many of the problems we’re presented with.
ASI carries out its activity fundamentally in the electric, gas, transportation, agriculture and health industries.
We quickly design and modify ASI’s fields of activity and the techniques used in accordance with changes in technology and industry interest.