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Enginyeria de la Corrosió i dels Materials Metàl•lics

Coordinator/Director: Jordi Abellà
Centre/Institute/Faculty: IQS-ETS
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 5, Energy and sustainability
Main SubFocus Area: Energy and sustainability
No. of PhDs: 5
Total members: 8

Brief description
Development of electrochemical sensors
- Electrochemistry in corrosion phenomena
- Analysis of metals in food, pharmaceutical and environmental matrices
- Ionic liquids through the electrosynthesis of metal nanocatalysers
- Structural integrity: materials characterisation based on structures, smart materials, viability of structural simulations in industry, multi-criteria analyses of structural integrity and structural optimisation.
- Electric power transport and distribution. Liberalising the energy industry.
- Energy savings and efficiency. Renewable energy sources.
- Additive manufacturing
Process modelling and simulation, machines and mechanisms