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The Scientific Committee will be formed by representatives from the three organising universities. It will mainly focus on selecting which good practices will be discussed at the meeting (4 and 5 July).
Members of the Scientific Committee:


  • Mª Begoña Arrieta Heras, Vice-Rector for Academic Organisation and Teaching Innovation (University of Deusto)
  • Antonio Obregón García, Vice-Rector of Academic Organisation and Teaching Staff (Pontifical University of Comillas)
  • Jordi Riera Romaní, Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Deputy Rector (Ramon Llull University)

Committee members:

  • Elena Auzmendi Escribano, Head of Innovation, Vice-Dean of Education, Faculty of Pyschology and Education,. University of Deusto
  • Aurelio Villa Sánchez, Former Vice-Rector of Innovation and Quality; Director of the Master’s programme on Innovation and Development of Competences in Higher Education, University of Deusto
  • Ana García Olalla, Head of Teaching Assessment and Quality – UTIC (Innovation and Quality), University of Deusto
  • Elena Quevedo Torrientes, Head of Training – UTIC, University of Deusto
  • Mª José Bezanilla Albisua, Head of Educational ICT – UTIC, University of Deusto
  • Antonio Muñoz San Roque, Academic Vice-Director of the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ICAI), Pontifical University of Comillas
  • Juan Carlos Torre Puente, Lecturer, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Pontifical University of Comillas
  • Elisabeth Alomar, PhD, lecturer, Faculty of Psychology and Education de l’Esport Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University
  • Elisabet Golobardes, PhD, Chief Academic Officer, La Salle, Ramon Llull University
  • Xari Rovira, PhD, Vice-Dean of Innovation and Programmes, Higher School of Business Administration, ESADE, Ramon Llull University
  • Genoveva Rosa, PhD, Vice-Dean, Faculty Pere Tarrés of Social Education and Social Work, Ramon Llull University
  • Jordi Cuadros, lecture IQS School of Engineering (Ramon Llull University)

The Organising Committee is formed by representatives from the three universities.
The members are as follow:

  • Marian Iriondo, Teacher Training (UTIC). University of Deusto
  • Ana Martínez Aróstegui, Head of Multimedia Educational Resources (UTIC). University of Deusto
  • Alex Rayón, Head of the ICT Support Room (UTIC). University of Deusto
  • Juan Pedro Montañés Gómez, Director of the Quality and Prospects Unit, Pontifical University of Comillas
  • Laura Blanco Ruiz, Technician, Quality and Prospects Unit, CEI Technical Secretary. Pontifical University of Comillas
  • Anna Cervera Vila, Head of the Vice-Rector’s Academic, Teaching Innovation and Quality Office, Ramon Llull University
  • Núria Núñez López, member of the technical unit on quality and academic teaching innovation, Ramon Llull UniversityFrancesc Martinell , member of the technical unit on quality and academic innovation,Ramon Llull University
  • Ariadna Barberà Mata, member of the technical unit on quality and academic innovation, Ramon Llull University
  • Gemma López Rubio, member of the technical unit on quality and academic innovation, Ramon Llull University