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Innovació sobre Esport i Societat

Coordinator/Director: Xavier Pujadas
Centre/Institute/Faculty: BLANQUERNA-FPCEEB
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 1, Social innovation and social change
Main SubFocus Area: Migrations and human rights, multiculturalism, immigration and social cohesion
No. of PhDs: 7
Total members: 10

Brief description
This group’s lines of research include: psychological aspects of athletes and referees/judges; sports habits and physical activities amongst those with disabilities; satisfaction and wellbeing through sports; use of urban spaces and facilities to practice sports; games, education and multiculturalism; risk prevention for sports practiced in natural settings; contemporary history of sports in Catalonia and Spain (19th and 20th centuries; sports, modernisation and identities; and management, cultural heritage and sports.