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Norma Jurídica i Canvi Social

Coordinator/Director: Sergio Llebaria
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ESADE-DRET
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 1, Social innovation and social change
Main SubFocus Area: Innovation in emerging sectors: entertainment, culture and trade
No. of PhDs: 1
Total members: 1

Brief description
This group carries out field studies on social evolution in specific areas of the Law, exploring empirical indexes (demographic, economic, cultural, family, social and consumer behavioural patterns, etc.). This allows it to diagnose needs, areas for improvement or usefulness of laws with the aim of improving individual or social results. It also critically analyses the function and value of classic institutions through Law. Worth noting is its Property Project whose aim is to analyse and question the Law on Property given the current economic situation and social perceptions, as well as its project dedicated to the role and future of management boards in corporations.