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Aristos Campus Mundus undertakes efforts to help people with rare diseases


Aristos Campus Mundus, FEDER (the Spanish federation for rare diseases) and the Human Age Institute Foundation have started up the Professional Growing project with the aim of making us more aware of rare diseases. Sponsored by the newspaper El País, it will offer web access to students from Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE, Deusto and Ramon Llull University, which form the Aristos Campus Mundus aggregation. The webpage will feature a package of exclusive contents elaborated by FEDER through their web platforms. The project focuses on supporting and inspiring future professionals, who will directly or indirectly focus their careers on the area of disability. This should also foster labour, educational and family integration of people with rare diseases and their families.


The initiative envisages a broad spectrum from the diagnosis, symptoms and possible treatments for rare diseases to social inclusion of people with these conditions and their families. The parties entering into this agreement understand that a growing number of families in our country face this reality on a daily basis and that solving each of these people’s needs is the only way to reach full inclusion.

Once the training period is finished, Professional Growing will offer students the chance to enjoy a hands-on learning experience linked to their careers. Applicants must sign up for the Service and Learning programme of their university to participate in projects that could be of their interest.


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