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  • Comillas y Ramon Llull work together on teacher education


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Comillas y Ramon Llull work together on teacher education


  • ACM lecturers teach courses on flipped classroom

PantallazoTwo lecturers from Ramon Llull University are teaching courses on flipped classroom at the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) at the Comillas Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. The course is set within the teacher education programme and the Aristos Campus Mundus collaboration framework. This initiative, proposed at the last edition of  III Jornadas de Innovación Docente  ACM, has already trained over a hundred lecturers.  

Flipped classroom, which literally translates as “reversed classroom” is a an instructional model that transfers the work of certain learning processes out of classroom (online) and uses class time and the lecturer’s guidance to foster other content acquisition and practice.

Miquel Angel Prats and Elena Ojando, lecturers at Blanquerna, have already taught two courses at Comillas and plan to run a third one before the end of the academic year.   

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