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The Rector of Ramon Llull University highlights the three ACM universities’ commitment


The opening session of the 2015-2016 academic year at Ramon Llull University in ESADE took place at midday. The event was presided by Josep Maria Garrell, Rector or RLU, and Joan Josep Brugera, President of the Ramon Llull University Board of Trustees. Also participating were Antoni Castellà, Catalonian Government Secretary of Universities and Research; Cardinal Lluís Martínez SistachEugènia Bieto, Director General of ESADE-RLU; and Anna Berga, Secretary General of RLU.


The final phase of the ACM Campus of International Excellence

The Rector highlighted that the during this academic year, Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull would be undergoing the final evaluation of the Campus of International Excellence project: “ As you well know, our commitment to the project with Deusto and Comillas goes beyond the seal awarded by the Ministry, which does not alter the fact that we have to continue striving to receive the permanent distinction. In view of the project’s progress, we truly believe that the three universities deserve it”.


Reflection on the talent that enhances the ACM project values.

Josep Maria Lozano, PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences and lecturer at the ESADE-RLU Department of Social Sciences, delivered the opening lecture and insisted that a university is not merely an entity that provides education services. “The present risk at universities is only seeing knowledge in the form of papers. That may be why a lecturer from Boston told me that the question unanswered in research is not how many papers are published or who publishes them, but who reads them”.

“Depending on the ideas we have about talent, and the type of talent we promote, a university may become an institution that teaches knowledge for professional use to groups of individuals or may become a learning and meaning-building community”, concluded Prof. Lozano. 



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