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ACM experiences: On-the-spot seminars


Experiencias ACM Sevilla y Bilbao


Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) 2015, comprising the universities of Deusto, Comillas ICAI-ICADE and Ramon Llull, has launched a new activity as part of the cooperation and social responsibility initiatives within the project entitled “ACM experiences: on-the-spot seminars”.

These are practical, out-of-the classroom experiences, aimed at students of the three universities, in order to offer them a new life experience.

In June, two activities will be held: one in Seville (coordinated by ICAI-ICADE Comillas Pontifical University) and another in Bilbao (coordinated by the University of Deusto).

The first activityLearning communities: a model of social and educational transformationwill be held from  7 to 10 June , at  Dos Hermanas (Seville)..  A visit will be made to CEIP Ibarburu in Dos Hermanas in order to know and share the Centre’s experience, a state school that is firmly committed to turning education into a tool for social transformation.

The Learning Communities project is based on a number of successful actions geared towards social and educational transformation. This educational model is in keeping with international scientific theories that focus on two key factors for learning in today’s society: Interactions and community involvement.

The second activity, Intervention for the social insertion of people risking social exclusion, will be held from  from 12 to 14 June , in Bilbao. The aim is to visit, know and share more than five social projects that work towards the social insertion of different groups in Bilbao. The sessions will be held at the University of Deusto / Bilbao Loyola Centre and at different associations.

This activity will focus on recognising the importance of the social and political current situation of those people and groups risking exclusion, by reflecting upon and comparing the mechanisms for citizen management and diversity in its different contexts.


¿How to apply?

Applications must be sent by 30 May: send your name, course, year of study, phone number and motivation letter to the specific email address at your university, as shown below.

Further information and applications:

Deusto: Deusto Campus Solidaridad, 944139325,

Comillas: Comillas Solidaria, 915422800,

Ramon Llull: Vicerrectorat de R.R.I.I. i Estudiants, 936022227,



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