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The winners of ACM Social Responsibility Awards receive their prizes


Ganadoras de los Premios ACM 2015

Ganadoras de los Premios ACM 2015

The winners of the last edition of ACM Social Responsibility Awards received their prizes at an event held at ICAI-ICADE Comillas Pontifical University, where the Aristos Campus Mundus international volunteering programmes were also presented.   “If our students were not motivated enough as to give themselves to others, we would fail”, Ana García-Mina, Vice-Rector for University Community Services and Student Affairs at Comillas said, who presented the awards together with Juan José Etxeberria SJ, Vice-Rector for the University Community, Identity and Mission at Deusto and Lluís Comellas, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at Ramon Llull.


These awards, granted by the Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) International Campus of Excellence, Deusto, ICAI-ICADE Comillas and Ramon Llull universities, fulfil their commitment to university social responsibility.  “We are joining to improve at all levels: academic, research and all-round education”, García-Mina said.  


The ACM award for Best Practice in Student Community Engagement was granted to Miriam Pons Matilla and Mariam Millán Hernández for their Aprendizaje y Servicio ICAI project.  The ACM award for Best Practice in University Cooperation Development in the undergraduate category was granted to Almudena Rodríguez Garrido for her project on Cómo implantar Comunidades de Aprendizaje en el Campo de Refugiados de Za’atari (Jordania), and Patricia Pareja Rodríguez-Borlado, who received a special mention award for her Plan de negocio en AGROBENIN project.  In the postgraduate category, the first prize was awarded to Miriam Segovia Moreno, for her project entitled La coherencia de políticas para el desarrollo. Análisis de su integración en el debate del Congreso de los Diputados.

In the undergraduate category, the first prize of the ACM Ignacio Ellacuría Award for Studies of Social Interest, was awarded to Patricia García García and Andrea Schäpers, from the Translation and Interpretation programme, for her work entitled  El servicio de interpretación para las víctimas de violencia de género en el municipio de Madrid, and the second prize went to Alexia Delclaux Gaytán de Ayala, for her work entitled Transferencias monetarias condicionadas y mejora de indicadores sociales. Un análisis de dos casos latinoamericanos, from the International Relations and Translation and Interpretation programmes. Two special mention awards were also granted to Ainhoa Gabika Unamuno and Marta García Setién for their work Espektro Nahastea Lehen Hezkuntzako Eskola Inklusiboan. Ingeleseko irakasgaian erantzuteko proposamen didaktikoa, and Garazi Alkorta Uzkudun, for La prensa escrita y la interculturalidad: un análisis basado en los atentados de Charlie Hebdo.
Finally, in the postgraduate category, the first prize went to María Monjas Carro for her work entitled Los cuidados, una respuesta colectiva frente al problema de la vivienda.

International volunteering


The Aristos Campus Mundus international summer volunteering programmes were also presented during this event.  “Our all-round education is strongly tied to the possibility of knowing another reality of our world”, Carlos Prieto, Director of Comillas Volunteering explained.  The aim is to “make your world experience worthwhile”, he said.  


Peru, Kenya, Chile, Brazil are the destinations included in the programmes, each aimed at various student profiles and a different volunteering experience.   The students who took part in these volunteering experiences last summer talked about the programmes, explained their experience and answered questions from those present.  


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