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The interuniversity research groups of ACM Campus of International Excellence already have recognition regulations


As of this month, the three ACM Campus of International Excellence members’ (Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull) inter-university research teams have recognition regulations.

The objective is to recognise and promote quality research, knowledge transfer and internationalise ACM’s scientific endeavours. These new regulations describe the minimum requirements that the inter-university research groups must fulfil to achieve recognition as ACM Distributed Research Centres (DRCs) in each of the categories:

  • Pilot DRC: Research groups from the member universities that have converging research areas and have begun joint work but do not yet have the joint experience required to reach the DRC category.
  • Emerging DRC: Groups with little experience in joint work, but which show the potential to become a strong reference in their field. 
  • Consolidated DRC: Groups with proven experience in joint work, which has enabled them to conduct steady scientific activity and achieve recognised results and contributions in their field.           

Application for recognition and assessment

Principal Investigators of a research group at any of the three member universities are eligible to apply for recognition via the standardised model

The call is permanently open and applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

Applications will be evaluated by the ACM Scientific Committee, which is formed by four members: The 2015 ACM Association President and the three Vice Rectors in charge of research at the three universities. 

ACM CIE excellence in research and transfer 

Efficient coordination of the Distributed Research Centres is one of the main strategic areas envisaged to improve ACM’s scientific activity and transfer. Elaboration of these new regulations enables ACM to advance in efficiently coordinating and organising the DRCs which can now be recognised in one of the three categories mentioned, in addition to their specialist or focus areas.
Further information:

ACM DRC Recognition Regulations
Application for ACM Distributed Research Centre Recognition

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