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The first 10 documents of the Russia Tuning Project are published in Russian


Tuning Rusia

As part of the Russia Tuning Project, the first 10 documens that contain the main guidelines for the design and implementation of undergraduate programmes have been published in Russian for the following degrees: Environmental Engineering, Foreign Languages, Information and Communication Technologies, Social Work, Economics, Management, Education, Translation and Interpretation, Law and Tourism. These materials are also available in English.

The Tuning project was born in 1999 in response to the Bologna process by European universities, aimed to ensure that qualifications could be easily understood and compared within Europe. A total of 15 countries took part in the earliest stages of the Tuning project, which was then extended to the 27 member countries of the European Union and the Bologna process. It was then implemented in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia) and Latin America (19 countries including its Ministries of Higher Education and National Councils of University Rectors).

The European Commission has opened a call to implement the Tuning project in 51 African countries and it is currently being carried out in USA. Similarly, the first steps have been taken to extend it to include Australia, Japan and India.

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