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Aristos Campus Mundus opens the call for applications to the ACM 2016 “Visiting Scholar Program”

Aristos Campus Mundus opens the call for applications to the ACM 2016 Visiting Scholar Program. The initiative aims to promote internationalisation of ACM research groups and ACM joint education programmes.   The call has a total budget of 75,000 euros and looks to foster collaboration between faculty and researchers from Boston College, Georgetown...

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The 4th Aristos Campus Mundus Social Responsibility Awards Call is open

Students are allowed to submit entries in three awards categories in this call. Barcelona. Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) Campus of International Excellence. The fourth call for the Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 Good Practices in University Cooperation for Development Award; the Ignacio Ellacuría Awards for Social Interest Studies and the Good Practices...

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Summer School opens in Barcelona, with a range of courses in English that boost internacionalisation of ACM

The Summer School, with its courses taught exclusively in English, affords students from across the world the opportunity to study technology-science, business and social studies while also enjoying their stay in Barcelona sightseeing and attending cultural events.    The Summer School offers 13 courses for June and July, taught by four of the Ramon...

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Seminars on “Progress and Human Development. 50 years after the Populorum progressio (1967-2017)”

The Humanitas Network is convening the seminar “Progress and human development.  50 years after the Populorum progressio (1967-2017)”, which will be held in two sessions at Comillas Pontifical University. The work meeting is being called for all Humanitas Network and UNIJES Christian Social Thinking Group members and lecturers and researchers from...

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7-Simposio Internacional 20.1a13.2


Human Nature 2.0

The International Symposium “Human Nature 2.0. Web, anthropotechnics, naturalisation of spirituality”, organised by the Chair in Science, Technology and Religion at Comillas Pontifical University and Aristos Campus Mundus, will be held on 11 and 13 February 2016 at different Comillas University premises (Alberto Aguilera, 23. Madrid). The symposium...

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ACM organises the International Research Seminar on Social Sciences

ACM organised the first International Research Seminar on Social Sciences to improve society with a dialogue-based format. The two-day event, attended by experts in the field, afforded an opportunity for reflection from a multidisciplinary vision on the link between leisure and social cohesion. These sessions focused on research and leisure education’s...

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Lecturers from Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull discuss about ICT use in teaching

More than 150 lecturers from the universities of Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull met at the 3rd Conference on Teaching Innovation held by Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) at the Comillas venue in Madrid, to discuss about the present and future use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching. In his opening address, Antonio Obregón,...

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Aristos Campus Mundus organises an international seminar on Trafficking of Women and Sexual Violence

  In collaboration with Boston College and the Dartmouth College Gender Research Institute in the U.S.A., an international seminar on Trafficking of Women and Sexual Violence will be held on 17, 18 and 19 June at the Deusto Library (CRAI). The event is set within the Aristos Campus Mundus framework.  This seminar aims to address the reality of illegal...

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Josite 2015-ACM Conference

The Institute for Research in Technology of ICAI-ICADE Comillas Pontifical University will be holding its Josite 2015 annual conference.  The 10th Workshop on Industrial Systems and Energy Technologies will be held next Thursday, 7 May, at P. Pérez del Pulgar Room of ICAI School of Engineering (Alberto Aguilera, 25). In addition to the researchers...

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Aristos Campus Mundus Cooperation Conference on the “Social Divide”

On Friday, 13 March, Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) will be holding the Conference on Cooperation and University Social Responsibility in Barcelona, which will be devoted to the social divide, and will be organised by the Ramon Llull University along with the Barcelona Cáritas Diocese. This conference will include a lecture by Francisco Lorenzo, coordinator...

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