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ACM Research Conference

The ACM Research Conference will be held on 2 June to promote ACM researchers’  Aristos Campus Mundus participation in Spanish and European research funding programmes. The ACM Conference will be held at the Rector’s office at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona at 9 am. The conference will include plenary training sessions led by experts and parallel...

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Workshop Robots de Bajo Coste y Discapacidad


Researchers from Aristos Campus Mundus work to put robots at the service of people with disabilities

“We want to implement a new way of working that involves both people with disabilities and the professionals working with them”, Ana Berástegui, Director of the Chair in Family and Disability:Teléfonica- Repsol-Down Madrid Foundation, said. This workshop has been organised by the Chair and the Institute for Research (IIT) , as part of the Aristos...

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Aristos Campus Mundus Cooperation Conference on the “Social Divide”

On Friday, 13 March, Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) will be holding the Conference on Cooperation and University Social Responsibility in Barcelona, which will be devoted to the social divide, and will be organised by the Ramon Llull University along with the Barcelona Cáritas Diocese. This conference will include a lecture by Francisco Lorenzo, coordinator...

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Tarjetón ACM 2015


2nd ACM Experiences: seminars at ground level in Seville, Bilbao and Barcelona

In view of the success of the first event of this type, the ACM Experiences: seminars at ground level are being held for the second time. The activities focus on cooperation and social responsibility. The sessions consist of practical, out of class activities, for students from the three univerisities. The purpose is to provide students with a new life...

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Aristos Campus Mundus obtiene la renovación del sello de Campus de Excelencia Internacional

Barcelona. El proyecto Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM), promovido por las universidades de Deusto, Comillas y Ramon Llull, ha obtenido la renovación del sello de Campus de Excelencia Internacional (CEI), tras haber seguido el proceso de evaluación de la ejecución del proyecto en el periodo 2013-2014 por parte de la comisión internacional designada...

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Targetó Aristos 2015


Abierta la convocatoria de la II edición de los Premios Aristos Campus Mundus “Buenas Prácticas en Cooperación Universitaria para el Desarrollo” e “Ignacio Ellacuría de Estudios de Interés Social”

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The 10th Cooperation Conference examines the transformation of India and its future challenges

  Jatinder Jit Singh, an Indian lecturer at the Marketing Management Department at ESADE–URL, recommends that Spanish universities create a range of courses that can compete with those offered in countries like Canada, England, Australia and USA to attract Indian students.   Josep Maria Garrell, rector of URL: “This conference is a great...

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Entrega Premios ACM


Entrega de los Premios Aristos Campus Mundus “Buenas Prácticas en Cooperación Universitaria para el Desarrollo” e “Ignacio Ellacuría de Estudios de Interés Social”

Estos Premios se enmarcan en el Proyecto Campus de Excelencia Internacional Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) 2015  en el cual las Universidades de Deusto, Pontificia Comillas y Ramon Llull materializan su compromiso para avanzar hacia la calidad y la excelencia de las actividades docente e investigadora con el fin de  compartir experiencias y poner en común...

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X Jornada Cooperación


X Jornada de Cooperación sobre la India

La Jornada de Cooperación está organizada por la URL en el marco del proyecto Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 Barcelona, 21 de febrero de 2014. El jueves 27 de febrero de 2014 tendrá lugar en el Rectorado de la Universidad Ramon Llull (URL) (c. Claravall, 1-3. Barcelona), de 9:30h a 13:30h, la X Jornada de Cooperación, que este año estará dedicada...

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Congreso UNIJES 2013


UNIJES Conference 2013

The aim of the International Conference on “Preventive measures of legal disputes in unstable economic contexts”, organised by the Law Faculties of the Universities of Deusto, Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and ESADE-URL, was to provide a legal insight into the ways of preventing and anticipating legal disputes, thus avoiding prosecution. The...

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