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ACM reseachers reflect on today’s human beings

Aristos Campus Mundus and the Chair in Science, Technology and Religion at Comillas organised the international symposium entitled. “Human Nature 2.0". What is human nature? Are the human beings in our technology culture the same as ever?  Are they reducible to technology, computational sciences, biology or neurology? Where does the specifically...

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ACM Cooperation Meeting “Immigrants and refugees: a challenge for Europe”

Rocío Calvo, Associate lecturer at Boston College School of Social Work, spoke at this meeting. Aristos Campus Mundus has signed an advanced strategic cooperation agreement with said university. Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) organised the Cooperation Meeting entitled "Immigrants and refugees:  a challenge for Europe”. Fostering University Social...

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7-Simposio Internacional 20.1a13.2


Human Nature 2.0

The International Symposium “Human Nature 2.0. Web, anthropotechnics, naturalisation of spirituality”, organised by the Chair in Science, Technology and Religion at Comillas Pontifical University and Aristos Campus Mundus, will be held on 11 and 13 February 2016 at different Comillas University premises (Alberto Aguilera, 23. Madrid). The symposium...

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The second ACM Research Grants Call for applications open

The second ACM Research Grants Call for applications is open. The aim of this call is to provide funding for the best projects conducted by research groups from the three universities that form the ACM Campus of International Excellence: Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull. The total budget for the call is 90,000 € with a maximum of 15,000 € awarded...

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Challenges for universities in cooperative economies

Set within the framework of Aristos Campus Mundus, the first International Conference on Social Economics and Cooperativism: University, entrepreneurship and cooperativism was held on 15 October in the Blanquerna Communication and International Relations Faculty Auditorium at Ramon Llull University. The event was organised jointly with the Catalonian...

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Excellent universities must be inclusive

The first Aristos Campus Mundus Workshop on Inclusive Education in Practice was held All excellent universities are distinctive for inclusion. This was the message that kicked off the Workshop on Inclusive Education in Practice, organised by Comillas, Deusto and Ramon Llull, within the framework of Aristos Campus Mundus 2015.   “It is important...

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Jornada Internacional ACM sobre universidad, emprendimiento y economía cooperativa

El 15 de octubre ACM se propone el objetivo de debatir, experimentar y conocer cómo abordan las universidades del país la economía social y el cooperativismo y cómo se puede fortalecer su presencia, qué oportunidades brinda el emprendimiento social a los jóvenes. Esta jornada se organiza desde la Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales...

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ACM organises the International Research Seminar on Social Sciences

ACM organised the first International Research Seminar on Social Sciences to improve society with a dialogue-based format. The two-day event, attended by experts in the field, afforded an opportunity for reflection from a multidisciplinary vision on the link between leisure and social cohesion. These sessions focused on research and leisure education’s...

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Lecturers from Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull discuss about ICT use in teaching

More than 150 lecturers from the universities of Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull met at the 3rd Conference on Teaching Innovation held by Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) at the Comillas venue in Madrid, to discuss about the present and future use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching. In his opening address, Antonio Obregón,...

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The Swiss university of Saint Gallen, interested in the Aristos Campus Mundus governance model

Ramon Llull University received a delegation of 19 people from the University of St. Gallen. The group was led by the Minister of Education, Stefan Kölliker, and Rector of the university, Thomas Bieger. They visited RLU to find out about its governance model, which is unique in Spain. The group also received information about the Aristos Campus Mundus...

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