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Mental health features the 3rd ACM Inclusive Education Workshop

The Ramon Llull University has hosted the 3rd ACM Inclusive Education Workshop. Mental health in the university context featured this meeting that brought together members of the entire university community and experts from universities and institutions in the field of education and inclusion.   And which was the ‘hook’ to bring together forty...

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Workshop ACM


(ES) III Workshop Educación Inclusiva, salud mental en el entorno universitario

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Seminario Internacional ACM “La investigación en ciencias sociales para la mejora de la sociedad”

El Seminario, que se enmarca en el proyecto I+D+i «Ocio, acción cultural y cohesión social» del Grupo de Investigación Innovación y Análisis Social (GIAS) de la Facultad de Educación Social y Trabajo Social Pere Tarrés (Universidad Ramon Llull),  ofrecerá un espacio de reflexión alrededor del ocio, la acción sociocultural y su impacto...

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Experiencias ACM Sevilla y Bilbao


ACM experiences: On-the-spot seminars

  Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) 2015, comprising the universities of Deusto, Comillas ICAI-ICADE and Ramon Llull, has launched a new activity as part of the cooperation and social responsibility initiatives within the project entitled “ACM experiences: on-the-spot seminars”. These are practical, out-of-the classroom experiences, aimed at students...

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Aristos Campus Mundus Conferences under the name “Social commitment and diversity, towards a new citizenship”

On 21 and 22 march, the University of Deusto hosted the Aristos Campus Mundus conferences at the Bilbao and San Sebastian campus. The overall theme was social commitment and diversity, towards a new citizenship. During the conferences, a number of lectures, round-table discussions and workshops were held, without forgetting the time for leisure....

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