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ACM reseachers reflect on today’s human beings

Aristos Campus Mundus and the Chair in Science, Technology and Religion at Comillas organised the international symposium entitled. “Human Nature 2.0". What is human nature? Are the human beings in our technology culture the same as ever?  Are they reducible to technology, computational sciences, biology or neurology? Where does the specifically...

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Seminars on “Progress and Human Development. 50 years after the Populorum progressio (1967-2017)”

The Humanitas Network is convening the seminar “Progress and human development.  50 years after the Populorum progressio (1967-2017)”, which will be held in two sessions at Comillas Pontifical University. The work meeting is being called for all Humanitas Network and UNIJES Christian Social Thinking Group members and lecturers and researchers from...

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7-Simposio Internacional 20.1a13.2


Human Nature 2.0

The International Symposium “Human Nature 2.0. Web, anthropotechnics, naturalisation of spirituality”, organised by the Chair in Science, Technology and Religion at Comillas Pontifical University and Aristos Campus Mundus, will be held on 11 and 13 February 2016 at different Comillas University premises (Alberto Aguilera, 23. Madrid). The symposium...

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ACM organises the International Research Seminar on Social Sciences

ACM organised the first International Research Seminar on Social Sciences to improve society with a dialogue-based format. The two-day event, attended by experts in the field, afforded an opportunity for reflection from a multidisciplinary vision on the link between leisure and social cohesion. These sessions focused on research and leisure education’s...

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An ACM research group will study the role of leisure education in social cohesion

The research will be presented at the international seminar "Social Sciences research to improve society", which will be held on September 16 and 17 at the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work at Ramon Llull University. The fight against social exclusion raises one of the main challenges for local, national and international governments....

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Workshop Robots de Bajo Coste y Discapacidad


Researchers from Aristos Campus Mundus work to put robots at the service of people with disabilities

“We want to implement a new way of working that involves both people with disabilities and the professionals working with them”, Ana Berástegui, Director of the Chair in Family and Disability:Teléfonica- Repsol-Down Madrid Foundation, said. This workshop has been organised by the Chair and the Institute for Research (IIT) , as part of the Aristos...

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Investigadores Josite 2015


The IIT holds its 10th annual Conference with Deusto and Ramon Llull Universities

The Technological Institute for Research or "Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica, IIT" held its tenth annual "Josite 2015" Conference, "10th Workshop on Industrial Systems and Energy Technologies", inaugurated by the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations at Comillas, Pedro Linares. At this edition, researchers from Deusto and Ramon...

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Josite 2015-ACM Conference

The Institute for Research in Technology of ICAI-ICADE Comillas Pontifical University will be holding its Josite 2015 annual conference.  The 10th Workshop on Industrial Systems and Energy Technologies will be held next Thursday, 7 May, at P. Pérez del Pulgar Room of ICAI School of Engineering (Alberto Aguilera, 25). In addition to the researchers...

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“Growing poverty makes social rights meaningless and turns the welfare state into a lost dream”.

The Law Faculties at Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull (ESADE-RLU) and Loyola Andalusia held the conference “Law and poverty” to prompt multidisciplinary legal reflection on the challenges that the growing poverty in our society raises for law. The opening address was delivered by the Rector of Comillas, Julio L. Martínez, SJ, and the Director General...

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Results of the first ACM Research Grants Call.

Josep Maria Garrell, Rector of RLU, and President of the 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus Association, signed the results of the first ACM Research Grants Call. The call opened last December and the deadline for applications was 15 January 2015. This initiative aims to finance the best joint projects conducted by research groups from the three universities...

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