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Sistemes Intel-ligents

Coordinator/Director: Ester Bernadó / Josep Maria Garrell I Guiu
Centre/Institute/Faculty: LA SALLE-ETSEEI
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 4, Health and biosciences
Main SubFocus Area: ITs and health sciences
No. of PhDs: 5
Total members: 14

Brief description
Datamining with large volumes of data to discover new knowledge, identifying hidden patterns within the data as well as explaining the reasons for these patterns and applying clustering techniques and rules of association
Research in the case-based reasoning area and, concretely, in: (1) knowledge organisation: (2) efficient and effective data recovery; and (3) the incremental incorporation of new knowledge. Our research focuses on the incorporation of techniques and other paradigms to strengthen the creation of hybrid systems.
Research in the evolutionary computing area and, concretely, in: (1) classifying systems, (2) multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, (3) genetic programming, (4) evolutionary grammar, (5) co-evolution, and (6) data streaming.
Definition of complexity metrics to classify data based on their spatial geometry to, consequently, be able to establish competency areas