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LASI local eMadrid

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  • Date: 07/05/2013
  • Location: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Campus de Leganés)


Learning Analytics is a scientific discipline that has attracted much attention lately. The data collection of the learning process and its further processing allows lecturers to determine the effectiveness of their teaching activities, enables students to carry out specific activities and contents to improve their learning and helps researchers to know how learning works and identify the best teaching practices.

The Learning Analytics Summer Institute at Stanford University is a congress that was organised by this university and SoLAR (Society for Learning Analytics Research) from 1-5 July 2013. To go along with this event, a number of activities are also held worldwide. LASI-local Madrid was organised by the eMadrid network, which comprises various universities in the Community of Madrid, 2013 at the Leganés campus of UC3M last 5 July.

The morning was devoted to showing some of the most interesting sessions held in previous days at Stanford University and it was followed by a brief discussion. The evening featured a number of presentations by members of the eMadrid network. The session ended with a videoconference with Standford University. This seminar was held jointly with SNOLA (Spanish Network of Learning Analytics) and Aristos Campus Mundus research teams took part in it.

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